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REFRA Has Been Relocated At Xi’an Sucessfully

    XI’AN REFRA TUNGSTEN & MOLYBDENUM CO.,LTD has been relocated from

Baoji to Xi’an successfully. 950mm four rollers rolling mill unit, 800mm six rollers mill unit have

been added to produce large sized tungsten & molybdenum plate and sheet, used for the production

of rectangle target applied in TFT-LCD, high precision plate appllied in Sapphire Crystal Growth.

950mm roller : (product specification: (2.0-50)mm ×≤800mm×L mm
800mm roller : (product specification: (0.1-2)mm×≤700mm×L mm
    Combining with 2800mm hot roller of Western Metal Material to achieve annual output 450 tons of

tungsten & molybdenum plates、sheets and deep processing products.

   Adher to the business philosophy” Unity, Pragmatic, Innovation, Win-win”, Refra will dedicate to

provide superior products and service to customers.


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