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Where is the large sized tungsten & molybdenum plate used?

As a representative of refractory materials, tungsten and molybdenum metals are widely used in industrial furnaces due to their high melting point, low vapor pressure, good electrical and thermal conductivity. Such as heating elements, heat shields, electrodes, etc.

heat shield

In general, the sheets used to make the heat shield are large sized tungsten & molybdenum sheets with a width of generally 500 mm and a length exceeding 1000 mm. This puts high demands on equipment such as rolling mill capacity. Meanwihle, the control of the surface quality of such large gauge plates is also a challenge. Once the surface appears pits, unevenness, cracks and other defects, it will affect its heat insulation effect and service life.

wide-width tungsten sheet

As a professional supplier of tungsten and molybdenum industry, REFRA has nearly 55 years of research and development and 30 years of production experience. We are professional to give you satisfactory answers.

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