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How much do you know about TZM alloy?

Among many molybdenum alloys, TZM is one of the best. TZM is the abbreviation of Ti-Zr-Mo alloy. The chemical composition (mass fraction) is 0.4% - 0.55% titanium, 0.06% - 0.12% zirconium, 0.01% - 0.04% carbon, and the rest is molybdenum. Due to the addition of these alloying elements, the normal temperature mechanical properties and high temperature mechanical properties of molybdenum are greatly improved, and the recrystallization temperature is about 300℃ higher than pure molybdenum.

TZM alloy is widely used in high temperature service because of its excellent high temperature strength, such as nozzle material, gate material in electronic tube, x-ray anode target material, heater, heat shield, supporting structure parts(TZM rod) in high temperature furnace, high temperature mold, etc.

          x-ray anode target-1       TZM rod-2

The key quality of TZM alloy lies in the control of oxygen content. REFRA can produce high performance TZM alloy which meets the US standard.

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