Xi'an Refra Tungsten & Molybdenum Co.,Ltd

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Company logo


Logo is surrounded by red color, it means our company’s development like spark 

set the prairie ablaze, unity and development.

The white color R for shot of company name REFRA, and R means people oriented, 

enhance brand service, create core competitivenessThe cube combined with the red logo 

outside means unity, innovation and customer win-win cooperation concept


Core values

To produce good product for customer, to get rich returns for shareholders, and 

let the employees enjoy the life work through innovative management, excellent product quality, 

full service enthusiasm, broad space for development.


Company spirit

Participation, dedication, cooperation


Management idea

Survival, love and dedication fate with the company

Seek development, forge ahead and create a new situation in the enterprise


long-term goal

Accurate grasp of market trends, and actively to meet the market demand, the accumulation of 

power in R & D and production several products to meet market demand, cultivation of 

        refractory metals leader and technology talents, create an outstanding industry team.